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Atomsmith® Classroom
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The Atomic DashboardAtomsmith® Molecule LabAtomsmith® Molecule Lab -
Middle School
Runs On Any Browser1 (HTML5) Windows + Mac Mac iPad iPad
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Instructional Grade Levels 9 - 13 9 - 13 9 - 13 9 - 13 6 - 9
Format Interactive 3D Labs
+ Worksheets
Interactive eBook
+ 3D Labs + Worksheets
Interactive Periodic
Table + Worksheets2
Interactive 3D Labs
+ Worksheets2
Interactive 3D Labs
+ Worksheets2
Lab Tutorials    
Teachers’ Guides      
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3D Live/Gas Lab (Ideal + Real)  
Interactive 3D Periodic Table    
3D Historical Atomic Models + Timeline        
3D Atomic Orbital Models    
Electron Configuration Lab      
3D Lewis Structure Lab        
3D Bonding Orbital Models      
3D Hybrid Orbital Models      
3D Periodic Trends Lab        
Periodic Trends 3D Graphics    
3D Electron Pair/Molecular Geometries        
3D Polar Surfaces    
3D Chemical Reactions  
Chemical Equation Balancer      
3D Crystal Systems/Builder
Measure Bond Lengths/Angles    
3D Lone Pairs & Lobes Lone Pairs  
3D Isomers      
Intermolecular Force Visuals    
3D Molecule Libraries
Current News Articles with 3D Models
Glossary of Terms
PubChem Links/3D Models      
Molecular Mass Calculator    
3D Molecule Builder        
3D Protein & DNA Structures      
Scientific Journaling      
Guided Inquiry- and NGSS-Based

1Not available on phones.

2Worksheets available on request.

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