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You have taken the first step toward improving your understanding of the wonderful world of chemistry.

How many gold atoms in a gold nanoparticle?
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Are you a motivated student who wants access to more chemistry labs and lessons than you're getting in your classroom, or a home-school student or parent looking for a stimulating standards-based curriculum? As you probably already know, chemistry can be a difficult subject to master; however, computer-driven instruction holds great potential for boosting learning time in flexible ways and at modest cost. Whether you are looking for

  • an accelerated chemistry learning opportunity,
  • a more in-depth look at particular chemistry topics that interest you,
  • additional review of topics that you found difficult, or
  • a way to strengthen your preparation for the AP chemistry exam,

The Atomsmith Classroom is an exciting tool that can help you achieve your goals. The software’s visual and interactive chemistry curriculum is well suited for individualized learning -- you can:

  • In a self-paced environment, visualize and internalize knowledge pertaining to topics such as atomic and molecular structure, intermolecular forces and phases of matter,
  • Conduct experiments and lessons safely and repeatedly in the virtual nanoscopic (10-9 meters) world, while interacting with atoms and molecules,
  • Dive deeper into topics of interest using the abundant and enriching curriculum-embedded web links, and
  • Review and visualize difficult to grasp material that was not thoroughly understood the first time, possibly while in the classroom setting,

all easily and instantly. The Atomsmith Classroom's experiments and lessons are presented in a tutorial format. The instructions are part of the Procedures.

So give it a try -- inspire yourself to the wonderful world of chemistry! To purchase, click here.


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