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National Science Content Standards Correlations

Please click here (pdf) to see a table listing The Atomsmith® Classroom's Curriculum Units and their correlation to National Science Education Content Standards. We understand that science standards are currently in flux, both nationally and within many states; however, we provide this information for general evaluation purposes.

We commend you for being an aggressive self-learner.  Chemistry is a challenging topic, but we believe that if you are able to gain a solid understanding of the key basic building blocks that comprise chemistry (including a visual understanding of what is happening at the molecular level and a clear understanding of what is meant by "the scientific method,") you will be well-prepared to take on more difficult topics in your future science learning and/or you will be better prepared to be a scientifically-informed member of society.

Another important element of Atomsmith's philosophy, one that requires particular discipline for self-learners, we suggest that you keep a journal (either in a notebook or on the computer) of brief entries that demonstrate, to you, the knowledge that you are building.  This includes a pre-unit journal entry to illustrate what you know (or think that you know) about a particular topic before you begin your exploration, then progressive journal entries when you complete Experiments and Lessons that reflect your iterative learning, and finally, culminate with a post-unit reflective exercise.  We think that you will be amazed by the growth in your understanding, and just the practice of writing down your thoughts, in your own words, is an extremely valuable exercise.  Our philosophy is that rather than simply measuring your success via the Worksheets, you should see the reward for your time and hard work through your enlightened reflection that becomes evident through your journaling.  (It's what real scientists do and it's a great habit for all of your learning.)  To gauge your "take-away" from the Experiments and Lessons, Atomsmith provides an "Objectives" summary at the conclusion of each Experiment and Lesson and also in the Teacher's Guides.

Chemistry is like music, math and many other subjects – it's its own language of words and symbols that requires regular practice – and we believe that understanding chemistry is to other science subjects as Latin is to English. It's the root. Unfortunately (both for economic productivity and basic societal understanding reasons), too few individuals today can speak the language.

Again, we commend you for your interest.


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