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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why isn't there a Mac version of Atomsmith available?

A: We have focused on developing a high quality, rock solid Windows version first because Windows is the operating system that we see most often in high school and college lab settings. As mentioned in the "System Requirements," Atomsmith runs well on Intel-based Macs with Apple's Boot Camp, VMware Fusion or Sun VirtualBox. However, a Mac version is planned.


Q: I have molecular models that I use in other programs. Can I use these with Atomsmith?

A: Possibly – it depends on the format.. Send us an email through the "Help" menu with details on the model files that you have and we will forward you instructions if the data is compatible with Atomsmith.


Q: Which Curriculum Unit includes the interactive Periodic Table?

A: The Periodic Table is part of "Introducing the Atomsmith Classroom," so it is included with all Curriculum Unit purchases.


Q: When I open a Simulation/Lab directly from the Model Window’s “Simulation” menu, why are there more controls/options than when the same Lab opens automatically as part of the lesson?

A: When you are working through an Experiment's Procedures, we try to minimize the distractions, so we show only the controls required to complete the Experiment. However, if the simulation/lab is opened directly from the “Simulation” tab, we provide access to all the controls so you are able to develop your own experiments and to explore beyond the structured curriculum.

Q: What if I have a question on a particular topic or simulation?

A: In the Model Window’s “Help” menu, you can choose “Send email to Bitwixt Support” to send an email asking any question that you may have. We will try to get back to you within one business day.


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