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Purchasing The Atomsmith® Classroom for Schools and Tutoring Centers

Note: This page contains purchasing information for Schools and Tutoring Centers only. Purchasing information for Self-Learners (students or parents) can be found here.

Using the forms below, explore pricing options and/or request a formal price quote. To request a price quote, you must complete both the Pricing and Contact Information and click the "Submit" button.

Licenses include the followng Curriculum Units:


Please use the following form to determine pricing for the types and quantities of licenses.

First, select a Platform. Second, choose a License Type and Quantity for that license. Then, the form will automatically calculate the pricing totals.  For Permanent Licenses, if you do not see a specific Quantity that fits your needs, please call (952)937-8382 or email for pricing.

Note: If you are a current licensee and would like to add newly issued curriculum, please call (952)937-8382 or email for pricing.

Platform Selection

The Atomsmith Classroom is fully supported on both Mac and Windows!

You may run Atomsmith on as many Windows and/or Mac OS X computers as are licensed.


License Type
(Per Computer)
QuantityUnit Price
Permanent Licensing
Student-Owned Laptops Add-on to License (‡) ($149)
Check if applicable
Subscription (Annual) Licensing
Instructor 149.00
Student 10.00
Student-Owned Laptops (‡) 2.50
Software on Zip Drive, sent by Express Mail ($18)
Check if desired
Minnesota Sales Tax (7.275%)
Check if applies
Grand Total    

‡ Allows software to be installed on student-owned computers. Subject to annual renewal.

Intended Payment Method:

Contact Information (To receive an emailed price quote)

Sales Tax Exempt Number:
Postal/Street Address:
Zip/Postal Code:

Check if you are a first-time customer and your purchase requires a Form W-9 (Request for Taxpayer ID).

If the License Agreement will be signed by someone other than you, please provide contact information here:

If you would like us to send a copy of the license key and directions on how to obtain and install the program to someone in your technical support organization, please provide contact information here:

To receive a price quote, you must complete both the Pricing and Contact Information sections and click the "Submit" button above.

Bitwixt will email you the quote, payment instructions and a License Agreement (if purchasing multiple copies). Once we receive a signed copy of the Agreement and your payment or purchase order, we will email you download and installation instructions and a license key. (You may also request an express-mailed CD.)

If you have any questions, please contact us at or 612-387-5787.

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