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An Atomsmith Experiment in action.
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About Atomsmith® Classroom for Mac & Windows

Atomsmith Classroom for Mac & Windows is a great choice for those schools and teachers looking for a comprehensive e-Book-format to enhance their existing chemistry web labs and lectures. Topics are divided into Curriculum Units (or chapters) and each chapter has numerous interactive exercises and Experiments, along with background text and supporting external links to original scientific documents, videos and other enrichment materials. The format visually brings chemistry to life for students.

Students don't always see what you see.
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Chemistry is the visual science. It's easier to understand if you can visualize what atoms and molecules look like and how they behave. Unfortunately, we can't easily see atoms or molecules – not even with an optical microscope.

Making connections between submicroscopic (particulate level), macroscopic (observable world) and symbolic (letters, numbers, dots, dashes, arrows, etc.) concepts in chemistry is one of the biggest challenges that you and your students face. Because students can't "see" atoms and molecules, many never really make those connections and the result is that they come to view chemistry as hard or even (gasp!) boring.

Students "build" atoms by filling orbitals
in Atomsmith's Electron Configuraton Lab.
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But, from the surreal shapes of atomic orbitals to the explosion of a highly exothermic reaction, you know that chemistry is anything but boring. And if you're like most teachers, in your head you carry around a collection of mental images of protons and electrons and atoms and molecules – moving pictures that explain how the submicroscopic world works. And once your students start to see what you see, chemistry begins to make sense. Some students may even see it as fun!

This is what the Atomsmith® Classroom of Molecular Exploration is all about! Atomsmith allows your students to see the shapes and behaviors of atoms and molecules and to interact with them, shedding light on such topics as atomic structure, chemical bonding, gas laws and phases of matter. Using the classroom technology that your school has already invested in (workstations, laptops and interactive whiteboards), Atomsmith enables you to make your teaching more powerful than just PowerPoint lectures, students passively watching videos and browsing the web.


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