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Curriculum Unit: Chemical Reactions

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Unit Overview: 

In this Unit, students use The Atomsmith® Classroom's Chemical Reactions Lab, Videos and Equation Balancer to examine chemical reactions at three levels: macroscopic, nanoscale and equation. Students interact with 3D models of reactions to see bonds breaking and forming as reactant substances are transformed into products. Students also make connections between the 3D reaction pathways and the reactions’ energy profiles. Using the Chemical Equation Balancer's "live" spreadsheet, students instantaneously see the effects of changing coefficients, which allows them to quickly test and develop equation-balancing strategies.

By clicking and dragging the bottom slider, students see the atoms and molecules of the reactants rearrange, forming products, while also viewing the reaction’s energy curve. (Click to Enlarge)
0. Three Views of Chemical Reactions 4. Precipitation Reactions
1. Chemical Equations 5. Acid-Base Reactions
2. Classifying Chemical Reactions 6. Oxidation-Reduction (Redox) Reactions
3. Reactions in Water 7. Energy in Chemical Reactions


Level: High School - General through AP Chemistry / College - Introductory Chemistry

Standards: Science as Inquiry, Physical Science, Science and Technology


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