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Curriculum Unit: Introducing The Atomsmith® Classroom

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Unit Overview: The Unit “Introducing The Atomsmith Classroom” covers the basics of what molecules and molecular models are and how to use the Model Window’s visualization tools. It also includes an interactive Periodic Table of the Elements. If you’re new to Atomsmith Classroom, this Unit is a good place to start to learn about the software’s functionality.

Learn to use Atomsmith’s Model Window controls by examining a 3D model of a caffeine molecule.


0. The Need for Molecular Models 3. How the Experiments Work
1. Molecules and Models of Molecules 4. Facts, Hypotheses and Theories
2. Using the Model Window Camera  


Level: High School - General through AP Chemistry / College - Introductory Chemistry

Standards: Science as Inquiry, Physical Science, Science and Technology, History and Nature of Science


Next Unit: Atomic Structure

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