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Molecular Structure - Chemical Bonding

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Unit Overview: In this Unit, students use The Atomsmith® Classroom to study chemical bonds – the forces that hold molecules and solids together. Students “discover” how atoms exchange valence electrons to form ionic and covalent bonds. They then learn to build Lewis Structures -- models that describe how pairs of valence electrons are distributed among a molecule’s atoms, as covalent bonds or as non-bonding lone pairs. Understanding and building Lewis Structures are critical steps to understanding whether a molecule will be stable, how it might react with other molecules, and predicting the molecule’s 3D shape.

Students use the Lewis Structure Lab to learn how pairs of electrons are shared in covalent bonding. They confirm that they have built the molecule’s Lewis Structure correctly when the molecule appears in 3D. (Click to Enlarge)


0. From Atoms to Molecules: The Octet Rule 4. Hybrid Orbitals
1. Ionic Bonding 5. Covalent Bonding II: Bonding Orbitals
2. Covalent Bonding I: The Hydrogen Molecule 6. Structural Isomers
3. Lewis Structures 7. Just For Fun: Molecular Poetry


Level: High School - General through AP Chemistry / College - Introductory Chemistry

Standards: Science as Inquiry, Physical Science, Science and Technology, History and Nature of Science


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