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Curriculum Unit: Periodic Trends

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Unit Overview: In this Unit, students use The Atomsmith® Classroom and its Periodic Trends Lab to “discover” the workings of the periodic table and to gain a mastery of the table’s usefulness as a tool for understanding the properties and behaviors of the chemical elements. Students use their understanding of atomic structure to explain “why” the periodic trends exist.

Students use the Periodic Trends Lab to explore the connections between atomic structure and the periodic trends. Here students interact with a dynamic Bohr model of the atom to see the attractive proton-electron forces (blue lines) and repulsive core electron-valence electron forces (red lines) that combine to create the "effective nuclear charge." (Click to Enlarge)


0. Organizing Chemical Knowledge-Atomic Radii 4. Trends in Electron Affinity (Adding Electrons)
1. Atomic Structure and the Periodic Law 5. Trends in Chemical Reactivity (Metals/Nonmetals)
2. Trends in Atomic Radius 6. Trends in Electronegativity (Sharing Electrons)
3. Trends in Ionization Energy (Removing Electrons) 7. Take Me To Your Elements!


Level: High School - General through AP Chemistry / College - Introductory Chemistry

Standards: Science as Inquiry, Physical Science, Science and Technology, History and Nature of Science


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