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Curriculum Unit: Phases of Matter - Gases

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Unit Overview: Students use the Atomsmith Gas Lab to complete experiments that lead them to understand how gas molecules behave. This understanding helps students to then “discover” the mathematical relationships between gas pressure, temperature, volume and the number of gas molecules. These relationships form the basis of the gas laws.

“Discover” the mathematical relationship between Pressure (P) and Volume (V) by examining a box of air and observing what happens to the gas pressure as you change the volume of the box. (Click to Enlarge)
0. What is a Gas? (Kinetic Theory) 6. Volume vs. Temperature (Charles)
1. Learning to Use the Gas Lab 7. Ideal Gases…Real Gases
2. Molecules and Pressure 8. Dalton’s Law of Partial Pressures
4. Pressure vs. Temperature (Gay-Lussac) 9. Brownian Motion
5. Pressure vs. Volume (Boyle) 10. Diffusion (Graham)


Level: High School - General through AP Chemistry / College - Introductory Chemistry

Standards: Science as Inquiry, Physical Science, Science and Technology, History and Nature of Science

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