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Atomsmith Classroom Online is an HTML5 web application that runs in any browser on laptops, desktop computers, chromebooks, tablets, and iPads. Just sign in using Google Sign-in or your school's email address. Atomsmith Online provides a collection of 3D, interactive, physics-based models – based on models developed and used by scientists – that students use to see, interact with, and perform virtual experiments on atoms and molecules.

Who Likes Atomsmith?


✓ visual + interactive =
engages to improve understanding


✓ scientifically accurate + easy to use =
faster/improved teaching


✓ low prices for instructors + students =
easy on budget

Atomsmith Online Examples
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Students use Atomsmith's Live Lab to "discover" Boyle's Law. They follow procedures, make predictions and record observations on the Experiment Worksheet (pdf; answers provided in Instructor accounts).

Atomsmith's Reaction Lab contains many interactive 3D models of the common patterns of chemical reactions. Here we see several of the acid/base models, which cover autodissociation, acid/base strength, and equlibrirum concepts.

Atomsmith's Molecule Library contains over 600 pre-built 3D models of a broad range of organic, biological, and inorganic molecules. Many of these are models of crystals that students can build into lattices to visualize crystal systems.

How Do Instructors and Students Use Atomsmith Online?

The models, data, and supporting materials in Atomsmith Classroom Online can be used to teach and learn a broad range of concepts in chemistry (plus physical science and biology).

Atomsmith Online can be used in two ways:

  • INSTRUCTORS DEMONSTRATE: Atomsmith's models work very well as a demonstration tool using a projector or an interactive whiteboard. Instructors often begin a session by introducing a model or tool, then send students off to work on their own.
  • STUDENTS EXPERIMENT: Students use the many Atomsmith Online Experiments (pdf, on-screen or printed in advance) to follow procedures, make predictions, record observations, and answer questions. They work at their own pace, and many schools assign Atomsmith Experiments as homework (or snow-day work!). Because Atomsmith models are fully interactive (not videos), 3D (not 2D) and physically accurate (not cartoons), students can perform virtual experiments on them – they do science at the atomic and molecular level!

Some of the Concepts that can be Discovered using Atomsmith Models
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Atomic Structure

Chemical Bonding

Chemical Reactions




Intermolecular Forces

States of Matter


Periodic Trends

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