Atomsmith Classroom Online: School Purchasing

From this page, schools can:

  • Request to purchase or renew one-year licenses for instructors (US $14.99 per instructor)
  • Request to purchase or renew one-year licenses for their students (US $1.00 per student)
  • Authorize their students to purchase individual licenses (US $59.00 annual school setup charge)
    Note: Students are required to have a school email address to sign in

Payment can be made by school credit card (through Square) or by purchase order.

Please complete and submit the form below to recieve, by email, either :

  • A price quote that can be used to submit a school purchase order
  • A Square invoice that will allow you to make a secure online payment using a school credit card

Once we have received a purchase order or payment, we will contact you, by email, with account instructions.

Note: You are not committing to anything until you submit a purchase order or pay the invoice.

Payment Information
Payment Type:
Contact Information
School's Tax Exempt Number (if available):
First Name:
Last Name:
Email Address:
Phone Number:
Instructor Licenses
Number of Instructor Licenses (US $14.99/instructor/year):
Student Licenses
Student Licensing:
School-Purchased Student Licenses
Number of School-Purchased Student Licenses:
(US $1.00/student/year)
Student-Purchased Licenses
Annual School Setup Charge: US $59.00
Include information about Professional Development options:
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