Atomsmith Classroom Online | System Requirements

Atomsmith® Classroom Online System Requirements

In the following table, you will find notes about any specific issues with running Atomsmith Classroom Online on various kinds of computers/browsers.



In general, faster computers with more memory perform best. In our experience, most computers produced within the last 3-4 years perform well. However, for example, on some older iPad models (e.g., iPad 3), all of the simulation models work, but some run slowly.


Working WebGL Capability

When signing in, if you see the following error message:

Error creating WebGL context.

it is likely that you have an older computer and/or video card that does not fully support WebGL, a 3D technology needed by Atomsmith Classroom.

Visit the in your browser to test if your computer/browser supports WebGL.

Switching to another browser may solve this problem. For example, on Windows 7, switching from Chrome to Firefox has solved this problem in most instances.

Switching to a recently produced computer will solve the problem.


Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion) or higher is required.

Chrome, FireFox, and Safari have no known issues.


Windows 7 or higher is required. (See the requirement about WebGL, above.)

Chrome. (See the requirement about WebGL, above.)

Firefox has no known issues.

Internet Explorer 11 (IE11) is required. In IE11, there is a known issue – on some computers – a problem with labeling atoms in the Model Window.


Mobile Safari and Chrome have no known issues.

Because iOS does not allow embedding of pdf files in a browser, opened Experiment worksheets appear in separate tabs.


Chrome has no known issues.


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