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Atomsmith® Classroom
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The Atomic DashboardAtomsmith® Molecule LabAtomsmith® Molecule Lab -
Middle School
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Instructional Grade Levels 9 - 13 9 - 13 9 - 13 9 - 13 6 - 9
Format Interactive 3D Labs
+ Worksheets
Interactive eBook
+ 3D Labs + Worksheets
Interactive Periodic
Table + Worksheets2
Interactive 3D Labs
+ Worksheets2
Interactive 3D Labs
+ Worksheets2
Lab Tutorials    
Teachers’ Guides      
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3D Live/Gas Lab (Ideal + Real)  
Interactive 3D Periodic Table    
3D Historical Atomic Models + Timeline  ✓      
3D Atomic Orbital Models    
Electron Configuration Lab      
3D Lewis Structure Lab        
3D Bonding Orbital Models      
3D Hybrid Orbital Models      
3D Periodic Trends Lab        
Periodic Trends 3D Graphics    
3D Electron Pair/Molecular Geometries        
3D Polar Surfaces    
3D Chemical Reactions  
Chemical Equation Balancer      
3D Crystal Systems/Builder
Measure Bond Lengths/Angles    
3D Lone Pairs & Lobes Lone Pairs  
3D Isomers      
Intermolecular Force Visuals    
3D Molecule Libraries
Current News Articles with 3D Models
Glossary of Terms
PubChem Links/3D Models      
Molecular Mass Calculator      
3D Molecule Builder        
3D Protein & DNA Structures      
Scientific Journaling      
Guided Inquiry- and NGSS-Based

1Not available on phones.

2Worksheets available on request.

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