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Thank you for your interest in Atomsmith® Classroom Online!

Atomsmith Classrom Online is available to schools, instructors and students through an annual (12-month) subscription.

Note: In response to special remote teaching/learning requirements due to the COVID-19 pandemic, new customers may request a pro-rated quote to the end of their current school year. Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for details.

Subscriptions can be purchased or renewed by:

  • Schools

    Schools can:

    • Request to purchase or renew one-year licenses for instructors (US $10.99 per instructor)
    • Request to purchase or renew one-year licenses for their students (US $1.00 per student)
    • Authorize their students to purchase individual licenses (US $59.00 setup charge).
      Note: Students are required to have a school email address to sign in to Atomsmith.

    Payment can be made by school credit card (through Square) or by purchase order.

  • Instructors

    Instructors can purchase or renew one-year licenses to Atomsmith Classroom Online for themselves (US $10.99 per instructor) and (optionally) for their students (US $1.00 per student).

    Payment can be made by credit card (through Square).

  • Students

    Students at authorized schools can purchase a one-year license to Atomsmith Classroom Online (US $5.99 per student).

    Payment can be made by credit card (through Square).

    Authorized schools are those that have notified us that their students will be purchasing student licenses and will be using their school email addresses to sign in. We do not process student subscription requests from email addresses that are not from authorized schools.


Instructors can request a one-week Trial Account here.

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